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History of Masjid Jauharatul-Islam



 After replacing his father as the head of the Nation of Islam, Imam Wardith Deen Muhammad changed the direction of the community to one that was in alignment with orthodox Islam. Through his leadership, over 300 African American Muslims performed the Hajj pilgrimage in 1977 to the holy city of Mecca. Our Imam and co-founder of Masjid Jauharatul-Islam, the late Imam Abdur-Rahim Shamsid-Deen was among the pilgrims on this historic journey. 



Phoenix Mosque and Institute Project

In 1977, answering the call from Warith Deen Muhammad to build masjids, Imam Abdur-Rahim Shamsid-Deen along with Dr. Jamil Diab and Sulaiman Ali Al-Shaye formed the Phoenix Mosque and Institute Project and began working to build a Masjid in Phoenix. Their project laid the foundation for the building of Jauharatul-Islam in South Phoenix, AZ, and the Islamic Community Center(ICC) in Tempe, AZ.



Do for Self

By 1978 the funds needed and acres of land were secured for the building of our masjid by the community. Individuals from America and other countries and all faiths participated in the building of this masjid. 



Jewel of Islam Built

The building of the Masjid is completed, and it was dedicated on June 19th, 1981. The honorable Elijah Muhammad once mentioned in a speech that he envisioned an islamic community growing in the desert, which he referred to as  a jewel in the desert. The late Imam Abdur-Rahim Shamsid-Deen and the masjid community was inspired by this concept, the name Jauharatul-Islam which means the Jewel of Al-Islam was chosen. The square courtyard reflects the style of the grand masjid in Mecca, and the 40ft minaret is styled after traditional North African Islamic architectural designs and the masalah is styled after the Masjid  in Medina. The picture to the left is just a few days before the Masjid Dedication.



The community grows

Under the leadership of Imam Abdur-Rahim Shamsid-Deen the community grew substantially . Each year with the help interfaith groups of Arizona to Masjid Jauharatul-Islam worked to represent the American Muslim culture in a favorable light and to speak up for religious tolerance. In 1987 Imam Abdur-Rahim Shamsid-Deen, and assistant Imam's Malik Abdullah, Imam Abdur-Rahim Fareed, Imam Seifuddin Abdul-Hameed started the first prison program in the state of Arizona. Later this year Masjid Jauharatul-Islam implemented a program for inmates to do community service and restitution at  the Masjid. For a decade the Masjid hosted the 100 community Awards Banquet which honored 100 individuals who  worked to make Phoenix a better place for the underserved, disenfranchised and unsung populations. Imam Abdur-Rahim   Shamsid-Deen passed in January of 2018 after 44 years of service in Al-Islam as an imam.


Continuing the Legacy

After 37 years, the community of Masjid Jauharatul-Islam continues to maintain a legacy of service to the community of south Phoenix and beyond. Our dawah team provides care packages and monthly services  for the indigent. The dawah team also volunteer's three times a month to prepare and serve meals for hundreds of people at local shelters.  Additionally, the masjid is contracted with Maricopa County's adult program to allow individuals to  complete community service. Every spring the masjid hosts the tour  with other religious faiths in the valley sharing dialogue on the topic  "Commonalities in Religion with our Neighbors" . The masjid also provides  a beginners arabic learning class and prayer services among other things. We do this through adherence to the Quran and example of the Prophet Muhammad( Peace be upon him) through the vision and leadership of Imam Warith Deen Muhammad. 

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