As a community, we adhere to the Quran and example of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessing be upon) and do so through the leadership and vision of Imam Warith Deen Mohammed (1933-2008). It is through this lense we strive to serve as a gem in the Phoenix community with Islamic prayer services, Islamic education classes, monthly charity events for the homeless, amongst many other activities and events.


 (602) 268-6151

102 W South Mountain Ave; Phoenix, Arizona 85041.




Masjid Jauharatul-Islam was built in 1981 by the efforts of Imam Abdur- Rahim Shamsid-Deen, Dr. Jamil Diab, and Sulaiman Ali Al-Shaye. It is the first Masjid built in Arizona and the first in the U.S. built from the ground up by African Americans. The name Jauharatul- Islam translates to Jewel of Islam

 Friday Jumuah Prayer

 Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha Prayer

 Monthly Dawah events

 Charity Events for the less fortunate

 Arabic Classes

 Monthly Fundraising events 

 Monthly events for Members

Annual events for the community

Annual Invitation to Interfaith Dinner

Imam Malik  Abdullah

Imam Abdur- Rahim Fareed

Assistant Imam Abdul Hassan

Assistant Imam Sultan Salahuddeen

Treasurer and Dawah Coordinator

Sister Jameelah Shamsid-Deen

Event Coordinator

Sister Larita Muhammed


Brother Amir Ali

Brother EL-Amin

Brother Saleem Madyun

Muslim Journal Distributor

Lamar Hasan 


Islam simply means submission or surrender to the will of Allah (SWT). It is also derived from the word Salaam which means peace. A person who does this is considered a Muslim. There are five pillars of Islam that Muslims should adhere to or perform in the case of Hajj to strive to be the best Muslim they can be.

1. Shahadah ( Declaration of Faith) 

2. Salah ( Obligatory Prayer) 

3. Zakat (Charity)

4. Sawm ( Fasting )

5. Hajj ( Pilgrimage to Mecca)